Thursday, September 14, 2006

End of week one and still no Dr. McDreamy

I've made it through the first week. Here are the highlights:
  1. Getting to work for 7am means leaving my house at 6:15, which means getting up at 5, which means going to bed at 9pm.
  2. During my first day on the floor, I did the new admit paperwork for my very own patient. For those of you in the know that means I did the SOAP note all by myself after reviewing the patients chart.
  3. I'm so professional I already have people referring to me as Dr.
  4. I get to wander around the hospital wearing a white coat looking important. Plus I get a name badge that opens locked doors.
  5. One of the registered dietitians graduated from Cal State LA two years ago and we were in the Student Nutrition Association together.
  6. During my second day on the floor, my supervisor not only let me fill out the paperwork for a new admit but I actually got to do the patient interview as well. A little nerve wracking entering the room and being the responsible one but it went really well.
  7. We have already had two codes at the hospital, a false code red (fire) yesterday and a false code blue (Adult Medical Emergency) today.
  8. Getting off of work at 3 is not early enough to get everything done in the afternoon, i.e. driving home, reviewing information that I didn't know that day, reading news articles about dietetics, keeping up on emails, cooking myself dinner and eating it, packing a lunch for the next day, and preparing information for the next day.


Paige said...

Wow, people calling you Doctor! That's fun. =) I hope you can settle into your routine soon, there never are enough hours in the day....

Kate said...

my mom said to tell you that she is now director of nutritional services at sj regional, in addition to her other responsibilities! so if you want a job in san jose when you graduate, i know somebody who could help you out...

Travis said...

Here's the plan: Hold off on meeting a McDreamy for another year (use the substitute one on Thursday evenings in the mean time) and call my new favorite person, kate's mom, as soon as possible.

Allison said...

I agree with Travis (and Kate and Paige). Boy you sure do have smart friends.