Thursday, July 13, 2006

Slip of the Tongue

So yesterday the lightbulb in my bedroom burnt out. Before my family went to the store, I thought it was important to let them know I needed a new one. So I carefully looked up the words and created a sentence in spanish to express what had happened. This is how the dialogue went:
Yo: La foca en mi recamara se descompuesto.
Mi familia: ¡¿Que?!
Yo: La foca (pointing to the lightbulb in the ceiling) en mi recamara se descompuesto.
Mi familia: (laughing hysterically) Ah, el foco.
So apparently my carefully researched phrase had turned from the lightbulb (el foco) in my room burnt out to the seal (la foca), as in seal you find on the pier in monterey, in my room broke itself. Oops.

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Bill said...

Haha, love it! Here's another one to learn - make sure you call motorcycles "la moto" not "la mota". BIG difference - ask your friends :).