Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Los Deportes

El Futbol

Last Sunday I saw Cruz Azul play against Boca Juniors in the Copa 475 in Puebla. What an experience that was! I arrived at the stadium early with one of my classmates in order to purchase tickets. We had conflicting information about whether or not we would be able to purchase tickets but we figured it was worth the risk. Turns out that luck was on our side and shortly after arriving we found the ticket counter and purchased our tickets.

After purchasing our tickets and making our way past all the vendors we walked up the east ramp to the tippy top of the stadium. The seats were only 120 pesos ($10 usd) and we got to sit in seats with backs and as you can see we also had a roof over our head. Very important when it started to rain and the rest of the stadium ran from their seats to find shelter. Plus, being up so high we had a birds eye view of the action.

Even though Cruz Azul lost it was interesting to watch the people in the stadium. It sounded as though every single person in the stadium had a horn, although it was probably only about half of them. I also learned a few more cheers, mainly just chants of Cruz Azul. The funny part was when people started throwing toilet paper rolls onto the field. Honestly, who does that?! All in all it was pretty entertaining. I wish I could say the team played really well but it wasn't all that exciting. It was tied until the end when Boca Junios won in overtime. This game was a lot more calm than the game I saw in Milan, however there was definitely a lot more noise. Hopefully I'll get to see a game in England sometime and will be able to compare the three different countries.

Lucha Libre

You haven't seen wrestling until you have been to a WWF-style wrestling match in Mexico. I had been warned that it was going to be a learning experience but nothing can prepare you to be seated amongst hundreds of Mexican families cursing and yelling at each other. By families I mean mothers, children, infants, grandparents, everyone. Hand gestures, swear words, songs and taunts . . . you name it, I experienced it last night. And I definitely have a few choice words to use the next time someone won't leave me alone at the clubs.

But honestly it's something I think everyone should experience once in their life. I was suprised at how many young children there were, 8 year olds, that were chanting right alongside with their parents. Words that normally an eight year old probably shouldn't know. I can only assume that they are permitted to use these words in this situation and not in other situations outside of the arena, but who knows. The most entertaining part of the evening was watching a competitor conversate with a grandmother. And by conversate I mean she was throwing hand gestures and swearing up a storm as the competitor stood in front of her and swore right back.

We stayed long enough to watch three fights, but after watching one of the competitors in the third fight start to bleed and listening to the crowd chant "Sangre! Sangre!" I decided I had had enough. It was definitely an experience but not one that I plan to repeat anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Tío Juan dice tenga cuidado con la sal

Jess said...

My friend said that he went to a really hick sort of wrestling match and the weirdest part was seeing teeny kids there, while their parents were swearing and drinking and all that. Alarming.