Monday, June 26, 2006

¿Donde esta mi equipaje?

Hola! Right now I am sitting in the laboratorio de mi escuela. I´ve had my placement tests and oral exam and am now waiting for the welcome presentation. My flight from LAX to Mexico City was quite enjoyable. I was able to sleep for most of the way and the staff of Mexicana were quite pleasant. Once in Mexico City I made my way through immigration and found my gate for my next flight. I was then bussed to the other side of the airport with 6 other passengers to board our Turbo-Propeller plane to Puebla. The plane could seat 48 but as I said previously, there was only 7 of us on it. Twenty minutes later we had landed in Puebla. Unfortunately, my luggage didn´t make it. But neither did the luggage of three other passengers. You would think with so few people they would be able to get it together, but apparently this is very common. Strange how this is the one and only time that I didn´t travel with my toiletries in my carry-on. I guess I will know better next time.

I am really excited about my host family. Lourdes is my host mother and she lives with her 23 year old daughter Andrea. My house is literally three doors down from the school, I don´t think I could have asked for anything better. They are both really nice and see the importance of chatting with me and gently correcting my errors. Andrea speaks very quickly, so I often find myself looking to LuLu to repeat what she has said in a different way and slower. Although I understand a lot of what they say I am finding it difficult to express what I want to say. But practice will make that easier. Andrea works at a zoo, training parrots and LuLu has told me she is an expert in the kitchen and looks forward to sharing that with me.

I guess that is about all I have to say for now. I don´t want to take up too much time on the computers as I am sure other students would like to use them. Hopefully my bags will arrive this afternoon otherwise I am going to have to do some shopping. More to come soon!


Allison said...

You made it!!! Go Christina. I hope you'll learn lots of recipes from your host mom so that when you get back you can cook me some excellent meals.

Paige said...

Yay Christina! I am so glad you arrived in one piece! I hope your luggage is delivered soon, if nothing else it is a great excuse to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Finally, I have the apartment to myself, hahaha! The plants are okay, Mels is okay, I'm just barely making it through the day tho....hehehe....debes escribir en espanol! necesito mas practica.

Lindsay said...

We had our luggage lost in Mexico too, but it arrived shortly (and with nothing missing!). That's great the you like your host family. Maybe once you can understand Andrea she can take you to the discoteca where the hot guys hang out!

Anonymous said...

love your blogs, CJ!!!!!

Jess said...

Love your blogs, CJ!!!