Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tengo mi malleta!!!

***DISCLAIMER: I couldn´t decide whether it was easier to write in english or spanish but I couldn´t seem to collect my thoughts in english. Therefore you are getting an entry in my very poor spanish. Enjoy! ***

Dia dos. Este mañana fui al aeropuerto para las tres vez y finalmente recibir mi malleta. Tenemos las clases en la manana, y estudio la differencia entre ser y estar. Para comida, voy al restaurante vegetariano. Nosotros tenemos dos opciónes para comida un restaurante mexicano o un restaurante vegetariano. Yo probo las dos este semana y decidio que yo prefioro. Ahora las dos son le mismo para mi. Este tarde caminar con mi guía de conversación. Fui al casa de cultura, la parián, y el barrio artista. Hay muchas cosas para comprar.

Day two. This morning I went to the airport for the third time and finally got my suitcase. We had classes this morning and we studied the difference between the verbs to be and to be. (There are two verbs for to be in Spanish, as well as to try) For lunch I went to the vegetarian restaurant. We have a daily choice as to which restaurante we want to go to for lunch. A mexican restaurant or a vegetarian restaurant. I am trying both this week to decide which one I prefer. Right now, both are the same for me. (I like both) This afternoon I walked with my conversation partner. We went to the culture house, the market, and the artists area. There was a lot to buy.

I´m looking forward to returning home this evening so I can unpack and finally settle in. Tomorrow we have a field trip to Cholula to see the pyramids. I can´t wait to snap some good pictures. This weekend I am trying to get a group together to go dancing. So we´ll see how that turns out.

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Bill said...

Look at your Spanish - right on! I'm enjoying your blog and hoping I can see pics of some of those pirámides!