Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cocina Poblana

As everyone probably knows I am really excited about experiencing traditional Cocina Poblana. So far I have found the following dishes that I intend to try while I am in Mexico:

  • Mole poblano: rich, spicy sauce made of chocolate, chile, cinnamon and nuts usually served with chicken (pipian)
  • Camotes: sweet-potato candies cooked in the stove
  • Tacos Arabes: spit-roasted seasoned pork served in puffy wheat tortillas
  • Rompope: liquor based on egg yold and vanilla, created by nuns
  • Tinga: a stewed pork dish, cooked with chipotle sauce and served on tostadas
  • Chiles En Nogada: meat and fruit stuffed green peppers topped with a walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds

I have also heard that there is a Pueblan style chalupa that is worth keeping an eye out for. This year the city of Puebla celebrates is 475th year. I hope that means I'll get to try Chiles en Nogada which are usually only made for special occasions. I guess if I don't get to sample them I'll just have to make them when I return.

Speaking of which, I did a little cooking today with my friend Donna Hay. Together we made a banana cake and an apple and cinnamon tea cake. They were surprisingly easy to make but unfortunately mine didn't turn out as picture perfect as hers. Regardless they are still delicious!


KES said...

Hey my foodie friend, have you seen this site? It seems right up your alley - healthy and delicious.

Doesn't this one sound good?

jenjen said...

Oooh I love Doona Hay as well. Her recipes are so easy and simple but still impressive. I've been cooking from her magazine all week!