Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grilled Chicken on Ziti with Tomato Sauce

We're trying to establish some sort of routine and/or order in our house. So far this means that Sunday and Wednesday have been designed as pasta nights. Tonight we went with an old standby and decided to have ziti with tomato sauce. However it was new because this was a pasta sauce I made.

The tomato sauce came to be because as I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinet I realized that we had a lot of cans of tomato products. So I basically dumped them all in a pot with some diced onions that had been sauteed in butter until translucent, added some herbs and let it simmer until I thought it was thick enough for pasta sauce. Not really a recipe but a type of mess with it until it works plan.

Lucky for me it turned out delicious and perfect for our ziti. With a few parmesan shavings it even was worthy to photograph.

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