Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sting Ray

Tonight we were supposed to babysit the nephews, provide them with dinner and general entertainment so that their mom could go out to dinner with her boyfriend. Unfortunately this afternoon when everyone was at the beach Marc got stung by a sting ray.

He was on his surfboard and when he went to step into the sand he felt something wiggle and then felt a sharp pain on the side of his foot. Knowing that his sister and nephews were watching from the beach, he carefully hopped back to shore mentioning to the boys that he had "stepped on a rock". Once on the beach he told his sister what had happened and that he was going to return to our apartment. Two blocks of hopping later he was home with his foot in hot water.

Apparently sting ray venom is deactivated by heat. Depending on the sting it can take up to 2 hours to deactivate all the venom. Since this was the first sting we had experienced and Marc was in excrutiating pain we made a quick trip to urgent care just to get it checked out. Soon enough we were back home and were able to watch the boys so Marc's sister could go out for a quick bite to eat.

Dinner for the boys was turkey sandwiches, dinner for us was a quickly grilled burger. Oh the excitement of the day.

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