Monday, March 01, 2010


Saturday morning we awoke to two missed calls from Marc's mom and one from Marc's brother. Immediately we thought the worse, something has happened. So Marc dialed into his voicemail to hear what was going on.
Marc: There's been an earthquake.
Me: An earthquake? Where?
Marc: Chile.
Marc: *Laughter*
Me: What's going on?
I waited until Marc finally stopped laughing to get the rest of the message. The message from his brother relayed the fact that there had been an earthquake in Chile and there was a tsunami coming our way. It then went on to tell us that Marc's mom had called his brother in a panic, "He's a block from the beach and he's not a morning person. He probably doesn't even know it's coming!" It's always interesting to me to hear how people react to the news. Lucky for us we were able to tell Marc's mom that it was only a tsunami advisory, which basically means stay out of the water, and that we would be fine right where we were. 
Given the Tsunami advisory we decided to head down to the beach to check out the waves. Unfortunately, we didn't really see much change probably because we were also in the middle of a storm which naturally brings in big waves. When I checked the weather channel in the morning not only were we under Tsunami advisory but also a high tide advisory and a flood advisory. To round it all out, later in the afternoon we got thunder, lightning and hail. All in all it was a pretty adventurous Saturday in our neck of the woods.

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