Friday, March 12, 2010

Highlights of the Week

  • Our new neighbor who belly dances also sings. We heard her practicing this week. The verdict? It's all about song choice.
  • Thursday was staff appreciation day at work. I got a mug and we got out of work early.
  • I finally got to experience Tina's Sandwiches in San Marcos. Delicious!
  • I finished building a stable on my farm in Farmville. I know, it's an addiction.
  • Whomever left garbage next to the garbage can, finally got around to placing it in the garbage can. Thankfully it wasn't Marc nor I.
  • My work schedule has changed again. I will now have 1 day in peds (instead of 2), contine in OB once a week and will work in WIC 3 days a week at two different offices.

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