Monday, February 01, 2010

Week Two

This morning we continued our morning beach walk routine. Last week we decided that on Monday and Fridays we have enough time in the morning to make it down to the beach for a half hour beach walk. I have to admit it's a little hard to motivate myself to get out of bed at six o'clock in the morning, especially since the one you are walking with is also asking if we have to get up, but once I'm bundled up and actually on the beach it's definitely worth it.
This morning we checked out the lagoon and found out that the retaining wall that had disappeared yesterday, making the ocean and lagoon one, had reappeared. Also on the wall were two ducks just checking out the morning waves. We then made our way down the beach towards a group of morning surfers. We watched as a couple of them caught some good waves. On our walk back we were able to watch the pelicans as they glided along the water swells. They seem to keep their wing tip as close to the water surface as possible without ever touching. Just when you think the wave is going to break and soak them, they rise up to join the next swell. It's pretty impressive.

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