Monday, January 18, 2010


Saturday was the last day of my mom's week long stay at our house. It has been really nice having her around and although she has spent the majority of the time disobeying my orders, I will miss not having her here. She was meant to be relaxing and recuperating but it seems she likes to get things done. So, for her last day here I decided to indulge her desires and let her help me get some things done around the house. Turns out the momentum that started while she was here on Saturday carried through to Sunday and lots of my little do-it-yourself jobs around the house have been accomplished.

Things that filled up my weekend:
  • taking my dining room chairs to be re-glued
  • shortening/hemming Marc's pants, sewing a button on to my pants and re-hemming a towel that was coming apart
  • getting a bookcase from IKEA for extra storage
  • assembling said bookcase and finally putting the liquor bottles in their place
  • dropping bags of things off at goodwill
  • organizing the Tupperware cabinet and the shelf with all the baking sheets/pans
  • rearranging the living room furniture to get rid of the over-sized TV stand
  • unpacking my last box from the guest room
  • moving some unused items from the guest room into storage boxes and into the garage
  • taking out the garbage and recycling
  • washing/drying/putting away 4 loads of laundry

All in all I have to say it was a super productive weekend. I just wish that I had today off, Martin Luther King Day, so that I could sleep in, watch movies and relax while listening to the wind and rain outside.

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