Monday, January 11, 2010

Google Reader

Last week I found Google Reader and I have to say it is awesome. Over the years I have started finding more and more blogs to read each day and, overtime, it has gotten tedious to go to each site to find out whether they had posted something new or not. Now, with google reader, all I have to do is go to one place and it shows me the updates from the blogs I read. It checks them all for me and I only have to check one web page to see if anything is new. Fantastic!
It also got me thinking . . . everyday I check all the blogs I read to see if there are new posts. Often I am disappointed when I get there and find nothing. Yet I still forget to update my blog more often. I have also been receiving feedback that I need to post more, so hopefully this year I will show more blog-love. Hopefully, at the very least, I will be posting once a week. Fingers crossed it happens more often but I don't want to set my goals too high.


Paige said...

Wohoo, can't wait to see some more blog posts soon! =)

Goombella said...