Saturday, December 19, 2009

It Could Be Worse

Today we were supposed to fly from Carlsbad to Los Angeles to Denver to Philadelphia. In case you hadn't heard, there's a little bit of a storm out there on the east coast. When we arrived at the airport we double checked to make sure that our flight out of Denver hadn't been canceled, and at that point, it was the only one that hadn't. So we went through security and decided to cross our fingers and hope that fate was on our side.

Then my phone rang: This is United with a cancellation alert. Uh oh. Had the call come five minutes later we would have had a mini-vacation in Denver for a night. Had the call come five minutes earlier we would have walked out with free round trip tickets (as our flight from Carlsbad was over weight and they were looking for volunteers).

As it stands we are rebooked onto a flight tomorrow afternoon that will get us into Philly at 6am on Monday morning. It's 75 degrees here in Carlsbad so I think it's time to change into shorts and head down to the beach.

Like I said, it could be worse.


Paige said...

Ha, what I would give to be in shorts right now! We are buried up to our eyeballs in the white fluffy stuff. =)

Goombella said...

I hope you have a great holiday time dude -- stay warm out there on the East coast!