Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carlsbad History

Monday was mom's last day here so we decided to have a leisurely morning and then explore a little bit of Carlsbad history. First stop was Magee Park and the Carlsbad Historical Society. The actual building and museum was closed but we did get to wander around the park, read a little about the barn and granary, and see the rose garden. It was such a beautiful day.

After the park we wandered toward the center of town and came across Carlsbad Mineral Water. Earlier in the weekend mom had spotted the statue of a man near the water dispensing pagoda. I had seen the water before but didn't think much of it and had no idea who the man was. So we decided to investigate.

Turns out this man discovered the famous Carlsbad mineral waters and was one of the founders of the city of Carlsbad. His name is Captain John A. Frazier. When drilling for wells on his farm he came across both fresh water and also artesian springs with mineral water. What I also didn't know is the water that you can buy to fill up your gallon containers is this famous Carlsbad mineral water. Supposedly it has health benefits and is better for you then regular water. Sadly we didn't have a gallon container with us so we have yet to try it out.

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Marion said...

I love to parboil potatoes and then fry them with fresh rosemary and sometimes garlic. Yum.

Have a fun weekend with Allie! and Happy Birthday!!