Thursday, August 27, 2009

Emerging from the Boxes

The last two and half days I have been surrounded by boxes. We spent the weekend in our new home with just an aero bed and a couple of bags of clothes. But with the arrival of the movers on Monday morning we suddenly found ourselves with an apartment full of boxes and furniture.

M came home early from work on Monday and we put a tiny little dent in the mass of boxes. By bedtime we had a room to sleep in. Tuesday I spent all day going through box after box of kitchen stuff. I love all my kitchenware, appliances, and the like but honestly, this kitchen is a little small to hold it all. So Tuesday afternoon we made a run to IKEA to buy a bookcase to hold some extra kitchen stuff. By bedtime Tuesday we really had only gotten through the kitchen and the rest of the house was an absolute mess.

However, by Wednesday evening when M walked through the door he walked in and didn't see piles of mess and boxes, but he saw a home. I finished picking up the random things in the kitchen, set up the living room and dining room, unloaded boxes of books onto the bookcases and moved a bunch of stuff down into the garage. This meant that now we have a very functional apartment, all except for the guest room where we still have some boxes and figuring out to do.

Slowly but surely we are getting there and it's beginning to feel like home.

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