Wednesday, August 19, 2009

El Reno, Oklahoma

There’s not much to see in Oklahoma.

Just lots and lots of open air and land as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately M and I were travelling through Oklahoma around lunch time today and we were a little concerned about where we would stop to eat. So M pulled out the computer and started to look for cafes and/or diners in the area. The review online said Melanie’s Trolley Stop Cafe was a place where the local movers and shakers often frequented so we figured, why not, and had two fabulous sandwiches for lunch.

If you ever find yourself on I-40 through Oklahoma you should stop in El Reno for lunch at Melanie’s Trolley Stop Cafe. The funny part was on the way out when the waitress called us out for not being locals:
    Waitress: Where are you from?
    M: We’re from DC, moving out to California.
    Waitress: I could tell you weren’t from around here because I didn’t recognize you.


Geoff Eaton said...

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed your brief time in my town! I work a block from Melanies and lunch their often.

Safe Travels!

kate said...

awesome. emily and i stopped at a little restaurant in a tiny town in kansas when we were driving through and we got the same curious looks from the locals. they clearly didn't recognize us and wondered what we were doing in town!