Saturday, June 07, 2008

East Coast Summers

I am very quickly being reminded of some important lessons I learned last summer, my first summer out here on the east coast.

1. Heat Index. When they say it's 96F outside don't stop listening to the weather report. Continue to listen until you hear the words heat index so that you know what the real temperature is, currently 102F.

2. Pools. You must have at least one friend who has access to a pool or knows someone who has access to a pool. There's no other way to beat the heat.

3. Air Conditioning. Unfortunately I was raised in CA where we didn't have air conditioning for the majority of my life. When we finally had it, we never used it. That works fine in CA when you can open the windows in the evening, turn on a fan and let the cool night air enter the house. Not so much when you live on the humid east coast. You have air conditioning, you use air conditioning.

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Paige said...

It has been so hot lately! I don't know how you would live here without the AC!!!