Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day Full of Adventure!

This morning soul friend and I hit the road towards West Virginia and "the nation's first spa". The only thing planned for the day was a relaxing soak in the roman baths followed by a massage. It's hard to believe how much we actually fit into the day.

We arrived in Berkeley Springs around mid-day and wandered around the state park, checking out George Washington's bathtub. Then we had our hour of relaxation soaking in the mineral baths and receiving our all too short massages. After the massage we fueled up at a local cafe and then wandered around "metro" Berkeley Springs, taking in the antique shops and checking out the properties for sale. After joking about buying a house together we wandered further along the main drag to the Antique Mall. Little did we know that by leaving our umbrellas in the car we just guaranteed that we would be stranded on the wrong side of town in a rain storm. Lucky for us we were able to wait it out a little while and by the time we were walking back to the car it was a light rain. Not a sprinkle, still a rain, but not enough to make the walk miserable.

Once in the car we decided to head out of town and back towards the outlets we had passed on the way to Berkeley Springs. However, when we were leaving the freeway a historic sign caught our eyes and we made a detour out to the Antietam Battlefield. After a brief stop in the visitor center we started our driving tour around the battlefield ending up at the watch tower. Unfortunately, at this point the thunder storm we had escaped in Berkeley Springs caught up with us and there we were, stuck at the top of the watch tower looking out over the fields with the wind and rain blowing over us. It was cool to see the lightning strike in the distance and then we got a little worried that we were now inside the tallest point, and so decided to head back to the car. Unfortunately this time around we were unable to wait out the storm and in the 20 seconds it took to run to the car we were drenched head to toe.

But that didn't get our spirits down. Nope! We trudged on to the outlets where I quickly made use of the paycheck I received yesterday. One zester, a few outfits, and a new pair of shoes later we were on the road back to Virginia. Our final detour of the day was to the Mountain View Diner for dinner at 9pm. While waiting for our breakfast-for-dinner to be served we put quarters in our table top jukebox and sang along to the music. The food was plentiful and tasty, just hitting the spot before our drive back home.

Now it's midnight and time to hit the sack, I know for sure I am going to sleep well tonight. Today was honestly one of the best days I have had in a very long time. Who knew that with the company of a good friend and a little interest in adventure we could accomplish so much in one day?


Paige said...

Wow, quite the adventure! These thunderstorms sure do catch you off guard!

soul friend said...

I can't believe you wouldn't let me see the museum at antietem...