Monday, June 30, 2008

All Beaten Up

That's what my bruise looks like today. The doctor at work thought I got in a fight with my boyfriend over the weekend. I told her I would have to have a boyfriend first in order for that to be true.

Also today I realized that the typhoid pills give me a stomach ache and make me feel nauseous. On Thursday I experienced the same but thought maybe it was because I ate my lunch really quickly. Unfortunately it happened again on Saturday and then again today, only days I have taken the pills. Thankfully I only have one more to go!


Paige said...

ouch! That looks like it hurts! I think you should have 2 kinds of ice-cream to help you get better!

Jess Clark said...

The vaccines are painful, yes. Sorry about that. But the diseases can be nasty; I just met a fellow PCV that had typhoid! And malaria twice.