Monday, May 12, 2008

Flies and Floods

I believe it was a couple of days ago that I was telling a friend how I finally felt like Virginia was becoming my home. It seems as though I have been existing in my apartment for the last year but with the purchasing of a couch and spending a few weekends at home, I finally feel like I am living in my apartment. Good thing, considering I've signed the lease for another year.

Unfortunately last night I wasn't as positive about my living conditions as I was running around my apartment screaming, "I hate this shit hole!". Not only was water leaking from my ceiling but I was also in the process of dealing with a house fly infestation. House flies are better then roaches but when you kill 50 in one day you get a little annoyed. I have no clue where they are coming from but luckily this morning I didn't see any. So hopefully we are done with that.

The other big concern from yesterday was water dripping from my ceiling. On the one hand it wasn't so strange because it was pouring rain yesterday and it was flooding in parts of the city but on the other hand it was very strange considering I live in the middle floor of the building. After a long discussion with my dad we decided it must be a result of the heavy winds blowing the rain against the side of the building and then into my bedroom. I must admit though I was counting my blessings as the leak didn't drip all night long and my car was not one of the four that were found under two knocked over trees this morning.

**Side note: When I talked to my parents last night they suggested that perhaps my neighbor upstairs had passed away and the flies were a result of the decaying body that was now also seeping through my ceiling. Luckily I heard them stomping around all day yesterday and all night so either they don't care that they have a rotting corpse in their bedroom or they are all fine. I'm assuming the latter. It was also suggested that perhaps there's a dead animal in the wall. Fingers crossed that's not true either.**

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