Monday, March 31, 2008

List #31 - The Final Post

Thirty lists down and only one to go. I have to say I came a little bit close to missing a list over the weekend. Not that I didn't have anything to write about but because I was having too much fun with the high school buddies. The no-we're-not-married roommates and the I'm-about-to-make-it-on-broadway performer all came into town for the weekend and it was awesome.

Yesterday we hung out with the marrieds and played tennis which, by the way, I haven't played in years. Luckily I could still get my serves in and I was able to return a few shots over the net, but today I am definitely paying for it. My arm is so incredibly sore.

Highlights of the Weekend

I really wish these guys lived closer so we could all hang out more often but I guess the infrequent visits makes you treasure them even more. It also makes me wonder what sorts of craziness we'll get into the next time we hang out.


Paige said...

What great times! James misses you already, when are you going to stop by?

Goombella said...

Yay -- we made it! It really went by absurdly fast. I will probably not participate in April...we'll have to do it again in November!