Saturday, March 15, 2008

List #16 - Things I Realized

Yesterday I volunteered at a Health Fair. Well to be exact it was the Family Fitness and Food Festival, or something like that. I was representing the clinic I work for but also representing myself as a dietitian and member of the Northern Virginia Dietetic Association. It was a really fun festival, lots of nutrition information, blood pressure screenings, BMI calculations, cooking demos, and even Dance Dance Revolution.

Things I Realized While Working at a Health Fair
  • I like to volunteer for community events
  • I am really glad I don't have children
  • People like freebies
  • Dance Dance Revolution looks easy when the kids play it . . . but it's really hard
  • I am definitely an extrovert

1 comment:

irene said...

omg, i love ddr, so so long ago....