Tuesday, March 11, 2008

List #11 - I Am My Mother

I was on the phone with my mother last night and the conversation went a little like this:

Mom: What color is your bathroom?
Me: Black and white tile.
Mom: And what color is your bath mat?
Me: It's blue and white. Don't you remember, little squares?
Mom: Um . . . yeah. . .
Me: You have no clue do you?
Mom: Nope.

And you know how I knew that she had no idea? Because that's exactly the response I have when people ask me things and I can't admit that I don't remember but, at the same time, I can't really admit that I do. So today I give you a list of reasons:

Why I am Just Like My Mother
  • One of my kitchen cupboards is filled with very useful empty plastic containers and jars saved from the recycling.
  • I have it written on my list . . . somewhere.
  • There is a calendar in every room.
  • I work in the health industry.
  • My nutrition journals are beginning to pile up right next to my bed.
  • Because my Brother tells me I am. Apparently it has to do with the fact that my questions annoy him in just the same way.

In all honesty though, I couldn't think of any other person I'd rather be similar to.

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