Saturday, March 01, 2008

List #1 - What I Did On The Last Five March 1sts

Happy March 1st! This month I'm joining the NaBloPoMo group for their month of posting lists. I am going to try to keep them as entertaining and interesting as possible. Fingers crossed I can stick with it!

What I Did On The Last Five March 1sts
  • 2003 - Did something crazy with my soul friend
  • 2004 - Watched the finale of Average Joe
  • 2005 - Interned at the local high school cafeteria bagging tater stix and cutting sushi rolls
  • 2006 - Received my first 6 month work review and a raise
  • 2007 - Gave a 20 minute presentation on the implementation of patient room service to the Medical Board at the hospital

**Just in case you are curious, I write my daily activities in a fabulous 10-year Journal that I recieved as a gift from my friend Marion. In case you are curious you can check it out here.**


Goombella said...

Hey dudette, you inspired me to NaBloPoMo too -- good luck!

gina said...

Very interesting list. How do you remember that? I keep a diary, do you? Just wondering.

Marion said...

I'm glad you like it and use it :-) I think I will do a post like yours about what I did for the last 5 years on March 1. What a good idea! Your posts are always interesting!

soul friend said...

it WAS crazy...