Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eclipse or Snow?

Before going to bed last night I was told that tonight there would be a lunar eclipse. Staring out the window looking for the moon brought back a flood of memories

. . . As a kid, standing in the neighbor's yard watching the stars through their telescope and trying not to move the camera that was taping the eclipse. As a teen, watching the stars from my sleeping bag next to the lake in the mountains during a backpack trip at camp. And just a few years ago, in LA going to the observatory in my neighborhood to join the local astronomers in their open telescope night. . .

Then this afternoon on my walk back to work from lunch, a small snowflake landed on my nose, and suddenly I was conflicted. Did I want the snow to continue so I could enjoy feeling it land on my eyelashes and admire it's beauty as it dusted my neighborhood? Or did I want the snow to stop so the clouds would clear out and tonight I could watch the lunar eclipse?

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