Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second Snow

It's SNOWING!!!! I thought that after my first snow it would be a little anticlimactic to see the amazing white stuff falling from the sky for a second but boy was I wrong. It's just as exciting if not even more exciting. The city just looks so gorgeous and there's a different feeling in the air and oh how I LOVE it!

The forecast said between 1 and 3 inches today and by the looks of my car we are probably past the 1 inch mark right now. I'm just so happy that it's sticking and that there are huge snowflakes falling and that it's not turning into freezing rain or rain, although who knows what the afternoon will bring.

Alright, I suppose I should finish my lunch and head back to the clinic for the afternoon. Although I am guessing that the snow will keep some of my patients away this afternoon. Their thoughts, "Nutrition isn't life threatening, it's snowing outside, I'll just go another time." And who can blame them?!

**Addendum: Snow isn't fun when it turns to rain. Have you ever walked underneath a tree whose branches are lined with snow when it's raining? After today I personally would not recommend it.

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Paige said...

We sure did get lots of snow! It has been so cold lately..hope you are staying warm!