Monday, December 17, 2007


So after 26 years of relying on someone else for their tools I finally decided tonight was the night to treat myself to a nifty toolset from Home Depot. Imagine the excitement as I carefully cut through the heavy plastic container to reveal my new toolbox. Imagine my surprise as I went to lift off the plastic and it didn't budge. Not one inch.

Apparently the new thing is to screw the plastic to the toolbox. Which makes complete sense, doesn't it? Entice a girl who has absolutely no tools to buy your wonderful set and then mock her with the fact that she now has to use a kitchen knife to unscrew the plastic casing from said tools in order to reach the screwdriver that can help her. Oh toolset how I loathe thee!


Paige said...

That is a very mean trick of the tool company to play on you! At least you were able to outsmart them!

Anonymous said...

That is seriously the most sadistic thing I've heard in a while. But I've seen it before... it is especially funny to purchase scissors in that plastic case that you cannot rip into without scissors.

irene said...

oh wow, a new tool box! finally! is it as good as mine?? double-decker with multiple compartments?? :P