Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Vacation Day Two

This weekend is all about Christmas in the DC metro area. So as a treat for you I thought I would provide you with my list of must sees this time of year.
  1. The National Christmas Tree and State Trees. Located in front of the White House, this is a perfect end to an evening out or a place to feel the Christmas spirit (check the schedule of performers) during the day. If it's a cold day make sure you stop by the yule log for a warm up but also keep in mind the National Tree is turned off at 11pm.

  2. Washington National Cathedral. Not only is this the most impressive church in the area but it is also host to a collection of nativity scenes from around the world. Choosing from their collection of around 500 creches, the church puts about 20 on display every year from various countries around the world and states from the US. Below are photos of our favorites:
    "Costa Rica. The Christ Child is shown in a "basket" which is hollowed out in the exact shape of the figure, which fits into it like a peg in a hole."

    "New Mexico. The Wise Men carry traditional Native American gifts of welcome; corn, bread, and a sheet of cornmeal dough called masa."

    Wales. This unusual set is made entirely of fine grained Welsh slate. The unpainted slate, with its unexpectedly rich luster and detailed carving, reflects the light and gives the figures a silvery sheen."

  3. Train Sets. If you are a fan of train sets, Washington DC is a place to find them! Around the national tree, in front of the botanical garden, and inside the botanical garden just to name a few.

  4. United States Botanic Garden. Decorated cacti, a Christmas tree, and models of the buildings on the national mall made out of wood, the botanic garden has a little bit of everything.
    The White House

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