Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pinch Punch First of the Month!

It's the first of November and that means it's the first day of NaBloPoMo!!!! I'm soup-er excited so make sure you check out my first post! Heh, sorry for the bad joke. But seriously, I'm really excited about this month because it means I will actually be putting thought into my lunches which hopefully means that I won't be having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday. I can't say that I won't ever pack myself a PB&J but hopefully we'll get some new recipes up and some interesting lunches to enjoy at work.

In other news, Dad was in town last night. We went out to Carlyle for dinner and then had a relatively early evening. I forgot how nice it is to have someone to chat with in the evening. So much so that I didn't want to leave him at the bus stop this morning. But we each had our own buses to catch and hopefully he is now sitting in his office getting his work done as I guess I should be too.

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Goombella said...

Yay NaBloPoMo!