Wednesday, October 10, 2007


When I first moved into my apartment I found that I had some unwelcome visitors. Yes, my friends, I had roaches. A quick trip to Target for some roach bait and Raid and the situation was under control. Or so I thought.

Yesterday when I returned to my apartment there was a friendly notice from the management company informing us that this Friday they would be spraying for roaches to "curve the roach problem". Apparently it's not just me who has been spending time with these little visitors.

The good news, I won't have to replace my roach baits this week.

The bad news, I now have to move everything out of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, off of the floor of the closets, and away from the floorboards throughout the entire apartment.**

The even worse news, I may have to do this all again in a month if (a)one of my neighbors is still having roach problems or (b)I have roach problems. Is it even worth putting everything back?

**This wouldn't be so bad if I had an extra evening to accomplish all this. Last night I went for a run before reading said notice and then decided to get my studying done first, which left all of a 1/2 hour to move stuff before collapsing into bed. Tonight I'm taking a night off and hanging out with the marrieds and their son. Looks like Thursday evening's plans will have to be cancelled or else I'm going to be up real late.


Goombella said...

Ah, would have loved the 4-inch long (that is probably an underestimate) wood roach that fluttered into our bedroom the other night. Gotta love the little joys of the tropics!

Paige said...

Eww! Although you are one tough cookie! Thanks for saving us from the grasshopper the other night!