Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Next Great Adventure

I was talking to my friend A this week and she mentioned that she was thinking about doing a triathlon again. She wasn't 100% sure that she was going to do it and she was debating between another Tri For Fun or stepping it up for the Tri for Real. So . . . I decided that I would do the Tri for Fun with her.

I've never done a triathlon before, only 5K runs. But this seems like the perfect way to get into it. It's a 400 yard swim, 11 mile bike ride and 3.1 mile run. The only downside is that it is in August, one of the hotter months of the year. I'm excited that even though we are living in different parts of the state we can still train for the same thing and then compete together. And by compete I mean focus on completing. As the name says this event is just for fun, no official times or anything.

For now I guess I should focus on getting my bike out of the storage locker it is in and fixing the bent tire.

PS. In a sort of related note did you know that this year for the Bay to Breakers they are using chip timing. How cool is that?!

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Allison said...

Boy, your friend A sounds like a really cool person!