Friday, January 19, 2007

Highlights of Working in Hospital Foodservice

Today marked the end of week three in my administrative rotation. This quarter I am working with the food services department at a local hospital. Everyday is something new. The theory behind this rotation is that you should experience everything first hand so you know how to be an effective manager later on. This week was spent working on the production side in the kitchen hospital. Here are the highlights:
  1. The workday starts early at the hospital. My instructions: report to the chef at 5am (that was the late shift, the other chefs arrive between 4 and 4:30).
  2. When making soup for 370 people you measure your ingredients by the carton, cook in a steam pot big enough to climb into, and you serve using a saucepan. It's like living in a giant's world.
  3. Working with the stock room manager means at least three hours in the walk-in freezer and refrigerators. At least.
  4. Production means washing dishes, making pizzas, unloading stock, lining trays, and a million other tasks.

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