Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Photos from Europe!

Now that I am home safe and sound I can finally post the photographs from my trip. I took quite a few photos and below are two slide shows with the ones that I felt were worth sharing.

Part of the fun of travelling during Christmas is experiencing the holiday traditions of different cultures. In Barcelona I learned about caga tio and cagnares. Caga tio is a wooden log with a painted smiley face and hat that has sweets inside. The children beat it open with a stick on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to find the hidden treasures. It was quite entertaining to hear the children chant the traditional song and then beat the over sized caga tio at the Christmas market Feria de Santa Lucia. On the other hand Cagnares were quite a different tradition. Cagnares are little defecating gnome-like porcelain figurines of everyone from saints and prophets to Homer Simpson and political figures. Catalans use these figurines in their nativity scenes.

So with that I'll leave you to enjoy the photos!

Christmas in Europe

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Photos from Barcelona

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