Thursday, October 26, 2006

My London Vacation

Wow! What a week! My trip to London was an absolute blast. Lots of friends, lots of family, lots of food and, in true Johnston fashion, a lot of alcohol. I spent the majority of the trip helping my mom unpack and settle into the new flat in London. Located in Pimlico it's a gorgeous two bedroom flat with views of big ben, the houses of parliament, westminster abbey, canary wharf, the BT phone tower, and the London Eye. Here's the video I took from the balcony of the panorama view:

Here are some shots taken around London during my tour guide day with my brother and his girlfriend.

Create Your Own!

In all honesty this week in London and especially the party was the best break from Los Angeles a girl could ask for. And the rarity of it all was having all my immediate family members in the same town for more than a day.

If you are interested in shots from the party, check out my flickr page by clicking the picture below (when you are taken to the photo at click on "Dad's Set" on the right hand side, to see all the photos). I warn you there are a lot of people shots, but there are also some nice shots of the appetizers and the location. If you have photos to add to the collection don't feel shy about sending them my way or posting them on flickr. Enjoy!

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