Thursday, August 17, 2006

Es pan comido

The Top Ten Things I Am Going To Miss About Puebla

  1. Having an Italian Coffee Company on every street corner where they actually encourage you to sit down with your friends and chat for hours in their comfortable chairs. They will only deliver the bill once you ask for it, even if it is three hours later.
  2. Taxis. Is there anywhere else in the world where you can bargain your fare, have it only cost $3 to get to the other side of town, and have a chat with a friendly native?
  3. The Virgin of Guadalupe. That girl is everywhere!
  4. The gas trucks, because everytime they drive by it's like a party on the street dancing to their jingle.
  5. Oxxo. If you thought 7-Eleven was everywhere you haven't seen the amount of Oxxos in Puebla.
  6. Los Vendedores (the vendors) on the street corner, on the bus, inside restaurants, inside churches, literally everywhere. And they sell everything from batteries to toilet paper. Hot churros to seeds.
  7. The rain everyday at 4:30, it's like clockwork.
  8. Agua Mexicana- jamaica, pepino, piña, guayaba, sandia, zanahoria, naranja, betabel, papaya, etc. Why don't we have things like this in the US?
  9. Having time in the afternoon to visit museums, shops, parks, local sites with a native and not having to think about any responsibilities. However, constantly thinking about how to phrase my next statement or question is work enough.
  10. ¿Tienes cambio? Apparently you need a lot of change to get by in Puebla, but good luck in trying to find a store that can actually give you change.
It's hard to believe that my two months here are actually coming to an end. No more subjects to learn in class only two more afternoons with my conversation guide and sometime between now and five o'clock Saturday morning I have to sit down and actually pack. It's been an unbelievable two months here and anyone who is thinking of going somewhere to learn Spanish should consider this program. It's been a great learning experience and another adventure that has changed my life forever.


~lynnie said...

I found agua frutas in Fort Worth! They have it at the Mexican restaurant, I just never noticed it before. :)

Kate said...

Aw! I'm so glad you went, girl.

Bill said...

Oyes, vamos por agua cuando te regresas a los EE. UU. (y cuando estamos en la misma ciudad, claro). Ya sé por donde lo vende. Y también tengo ganas de charlar contigo acerca de la experiencia en la ciudad de Puebla - ¡y tal vez visitarla de una vez!

Paige said...

I am glad you went down and had such a wonderful time! Don't forget that there were more then 10 things that we missed about you when you were so far away!