Monday, July 03, 2006

Mi Primera Fin de Semana

Last thursday I had a panic attack when I realized that I had two days ahead of me with absolutely nothing planned. Two free days, it was unimaginable. So like most of the other students I started asking around what people were going to be doing for the weekend. Most students didn´t really have much going on, dinner, sightseeing in Puebla, etc. But luckily I found a group of students that are really friendly and actually had plans to go somewhere exciting. So . . .

On saturday morning our group gathered; Lynn, Laura, Marty, Joline y yo. We squeezed into a taxi and headed towards the bus station where we caught a bus to the nearby city of Atlixco. At the bus station we joined up with Susanna and her host mother and son, who turned out to be our guides for the day. I´m not sure what we would have done without them. Anyway, in Atlixco we climbed a mountain to visit the church ontop, wandered through the bustling mercado, people watched in the zocalo, an looked at crafts en un calle des artistas. In the afternoon we boarded another bus and headed to a pubelocito nearby. The village is known for its trout farm. The water for the trout comes directly from the mountain and they don´t use any chemicals to raise them, there´s nothing better than fresh fish. So after a wonderful dinner of fresh trout we headed back to Atlixco to board the bus to return to Puebla. It was such a wonderful day but very tiring walking all around. I can´t get my photos to upload from my camera, so you´ll just have to imagine what a wonderful experience it was.

Then on sunday I met up with some of the same people to go to Africam Safari. If you don´t remember it was one of the places on my list of places to visit in my first blog. I´ve never been to San Diego wild animal park but I imagine the two are quite similar. You board a bus with a guide and you drive around through the areas that the animals live in. There were lions, tigers, bears, elephants, monkeys, camels, zebras, reindeer, llamas, hippopotamus, capyburas (sp?!), y mas. Then at the end they had a small area, like a zoo, where you could see butterflys, birds, horses, monkeys, tarantulas, y mas. It was pretty cool. The best part of the day was stopping for dinner in the evening. I was finally able to try chiles en nogada and mole poblano. The mole was a little bit sweet and very unique flavor. I had it over enhiladas and I really enjoyed it. The chiles en nogada was a little spicy for me but very delicious. So far I haven´t come across any food that I don´t really enjoy. Over the weekend I also tried two new drinks horchata (rice milk) and jugo de jamaica (hibiscus flower juice). Me gusta mucho horchata, y tambien jamaica con mel√≥n.

I think I´m going to need a vacation from my weekend! This week we have quite a few trips to look forward: wednesday, thursday and sunday. It doesn´t leave me much time to do my homework but I´ll try my best! If anyone is considering a spanish language program . . . I highly recommend this one.


Bill said...

Ah, que bueno que ya probaste horchata y agua de jamaica. Sabe bien rico, ¿verdad? ¡Que te diviertas!

Jess said...

Hi CJ! Close, its capybaras. I learned about them from a Bill Peet book called Capyboppy. I actually had a dream last night where I was in a pool and there were wild pigs and crocodiles and stuff that I was trying to get away from. I ended up fighting the crocodile, wondering why I bothered swimming in the first place, since I knew they were around and got in anyway. And it was like a normal chlorinated swimming pool! Tres weird.