Friday, July 28, 2006


Ayer, como una buena estudiante you hice mi tarea temprano porque iba a salir en la noche. Yo regresé a mi casa para esperar a mis amigos. Cuando ellos llegaron empezo a llover. Pero, no fue una simple llovizna. ¡Fue una enorme tormenta! Había truenos, relampagos y muchisima agua. ¡Llovió a cantaros!
El problem fue que mi hermana me estaba esperanda en un bar que esta del otro lado de la ciudad y yo no tenía el numero de su celular. Entonces, you pensé en caminar hacía la esquina de la calle para pedirle a mi mamá el numero de mi hermana. Me acordé que tenía un impermeable (chamarra y pantalones) en mi maleta, así que me lo puse para no mojarme. En el momento que salía de mi casa justo al abrir la puerta un raya cayó en frente de mi y hubó una gran chispa que me asustó mucho. Yo exlamé, "¡No quiero morir en Mexico! ¡No es mi tiempo!"
Despues de cinco minutos yo salí de mi casa para hablar con mi mamá. No usé mi paraguas porque yo se que los rayos caen en los puntos mas altos. Pero cuando yo caminaba recordé que yo soy la mas alta en Puebla.
El reste de la noche me quedé en la casa y no salí a ningún lugar. Pensé que los rayos eran una señal para no salir esa noche.
Yesterday, like a good student I finished my homework early because I was going to go out in the evening. I returned to my house to wait for my friends. When my friends arrived it began to rain. But it wasn't a little sprinkle. It was an enormous storm! There was lightning, thunder and lots of water. It was raining cats and dogs!
The problem was that my sister was waiting for me in a bar on the other side of the city and I didn't have her cell phone number. So, I thought about walking to the corner of the street, where my mother works, to ask her for my sister's phone number. I remembered that I had a rain suit in my suitcase, so I put it on to avoid getting wet. As I was leaving the house, about to open the front door (made of metal) lightning struck the ground in front of me causing a big spark. Startled I jumped back and exclaimed, "I don't want to die in Mexico! It's not my time!"
After five minutes, not wanting to leave my sister waiting for me, I decided to leave the house to talk to my mother. I decided not to use my umbrella because I know that lightning strikes the highest point. However, as I was walking I realized that, in Puebla, I am the highest point!
The rest of the night I stayed in my house and didn't go anywhere. I figured that the lightning was a sign that I shouldn't go out for the evening.


Bill said...

Right on - your Spanish is getting better and better!

Paige said...

You have always been such a good student!

Orange said...

Do you know Lila Downs? I'm portuguese and i've just recently come acrossed her music. A very good mexican artist.

Adventurous Twenty-Something said...

Yes I have heard of Lila Downs . . . my conversation guide actually pointed her out to me last week. You're right, she is awesome!